A Typical Client

Our clients are the people, and the business!  I work with executives, business owners, professional musicians, professional athletes, working parents, or anybody who seeks real solutions to simple and complex personal and business challenges.  Most of us are searching for greater success and happiness.  We all get to a point where we’ve taken so much on, added so much to our day that planning and focusing on the big picture seems impossible.  We’re all balancing numerous roles that often include sales, lead generating and marketing, accounting, business planning, personal planning and happiness, employee management and so much more!  We hire consultants, or possibly want to hire consultants to help with all of the finite details in our lives and business.

Ultimately we’re left with a few big decisions, a million small ones, and then we start to lose traction.  Somewhere along the way we realize…  we’re just spinning our wheels with little traction and likely a bunch of repeated errors.

I specialize in these decisions that cross boundaries into each detail in your business and your life as in the center is you, what you want, and what will truly make you happy within the business you’ve worked so hard to build!

Have You Already Hired Numerous Consultants?

You may have already hired a marketing consultant, or a fiscal consultant, or a life coach and wished that the individual consultants could work together.  I’ve been there, just like you, and yet something isn’t quite right… that’s why I set out to build Unwritten Story!  So we reflect and realize that all of these consultants are helpful, yet we’re left alone to prioritize, figure out if this all fits together, realize we can’t possibly do this all at once, and we’re trapped.  I work with you to help you pull all of this together!  When we search for better, sometimes its hard to find, but it does exist!

I want to work with people who have tried, and hopefully found some success but not the long term success and happiness that they are truly trying to achieve.  If you are interested in finding ways to increase leads, profitability, vacation time, employee happiness then super, lets do it. If you’re looking for more personal focus, and would like to craft your business or job to help you get what you’re looking for then lets do that too.

I work with all types of people, all I ask is that you’re willing to work with me on a regular basis and be willing to succeed!

What I Won’t Do!

  1. I’m not going to task you with building a life plan, a marketing plan, and a business plan that’s only worth the paper its printed on.  If you need better planning, lets figure out what’s going to work with you.  This is where I specialize, as no system works for everyone and we need something that works for you and your life.
  2. I’m not going to waste your time, if progress isn’t being made then we’ll find you someone else!
  3. I’m not going to ask you to do things my way, yet I’ll guide you to the best “Better” for you!

So What’s The Process REALLY Like?

  1. I’ll listen!  To start the process I need to truly hear you, learn about your business, your goals and really understand what you want day to day and long term.  We’ll discuss your desired outcome and direction, then depending on your goals there are lots of great and efficient ways to get me up to speed.  Ultimately, we’ll do whatever it takes to bring me up to speed (I have lots of options and tools).
  2. We’ll meet as much as you want and need via phone, video calls, or in person if that’s regionally logical (not necessary).
  3. We’ll develop goals, these goals will be yours, they will be attainable and you will succeed or we’ll adjust the goals.
  4. We’ll implement small steps, practice and find out what works best for you.  If you implement every plan/document you’ve ever created, then we’ll create one!  Yet if you love meeting for 30 minutes a day to keep you motivated, accountable and moving forward, then that’s what we’ll do!
    1. The key really is to focus on lots of small steps, practice and implement your long term vision without a whole lot of fluff.
  5. The key to this is our relationship, if you find that you WANT to pickup the phone to reach out to me, or that you want to email me to bounce an idea off of me, then we know its working!
  6. Each relationship is different, so we’ll tailor how we work together and be certain that you’re getting the value you need… or we’ll stop!

Consultants are a dime a dozen, yet there are few if any with my blend of experience, success and education so lets find out early if the relationship will work for you and if not, lets find you someone different!