Currently Accepting New Clients

After a year away from practicing due to Covid related decisions and a resulting sabbatical, I’m now accepting new clients.

Your comfort, a critical ingredient to counseling

Being truly comfortable within the therapeutic relationship is a key and foundational ingredient that may drive your potential success of therapy.  Counseling itself is uncomfortable, challenging and sometimes overwhelming, thus finding a counselor and a space where you feel safe and comfortable is extremely important.

A Flexible Approach

My general methodology for working with clients is to remain flexible, adjust to your needs, tailor our approach to your personality, and to find the best approach for helping you with your goals. My aim is to identify lasting results, give you the tools to repeat them, help you gain the balance, confidence and comfort you desire.

My Life Experiences To Lean On

My history of life experiences, education, business ownership, marriage, parenting, coaching, ocean sailing, and so much more, have helped me truly understand the many challenges we face in the D.C. Metropolitan area and around the world. These experiences coupled with my clinical background including both in person training, education and crisis work, has put me in a unique position to help a wide variety of people.

Short and Long Term View

Working towards personal happiness and health can feel like you’re riding a roller coaster! Without a magic potion, we’ll focus on balancing short term wins with an eye towards longer term solutions, balance and happiness.

Not Sure Counseling is for YOU?

Some people know counseling is for them, maybe they have experienced counseling before and feel depressed, are struggling with relationships, or experienced something in their lives that drives them to seek help. Yet, some are not so sure, they’re simply overwhelmed, have not experienced quality counseling, but they wish someone would listen to them, and need a place to turn. Either way, we can work together to help you better define what’s happening, we’ll help you gain clarity towards the future, and work towards achieving your intended balance and happiness.

In Person and Teletherapy

Lets meet when its convenient for you!  Generally speaking, “In Person” sessions tend to be more productive, but life happens and sometimes we need a bit of flexibility!